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Because THIS.

Because THIS.

  • I don't have sex.
  • Patriarchy: Prude.
  • I have sex.
  • Patriarchy: Slut.
  • I have safe sex.
  • Patriarchy: Prude and slut at the same time.
  • I got pregnant from having unprotected sex.
  • Patriarchy: Dumbass slut.
  • I got an abortion.
  • Patriarchy: Baby killer.
  • I had the kid.
  • Patriarchy: Welfare queen.
  • I got married, then had sex, then had a kid.
  • Patriarchy: K, but we'll pay you less and blame your being a mother.
  • I got married, then had sex, and became a full time mother.
  • Patriarchy: You're a welfare queen too.
  • I got married, then had sex, then worked at the same time.
  • Patriarchy: You're a terrible mother, and don't ask us for help with daycare. Get back in the kitchen.
  • I don't care what you think.
  • Patriarchy: What a bitch.
  • What the fuck can I do to make you happy, patriarchy?
  • Patriarchy: lol what a doormat.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Missing this place so hard


Beetle drink….

Beetle drink….